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Where else should you go to in Russia?

The ordinary destination of majority of tourists in Russia are 2 cities: Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. However, if you are interested to go further; or you are learning Russian; or you just return to Russia again - you probably would like to know where else you can go.

For those lovers of ‘onion domes’ I would recommend:

The Golden Ring of Russia (Золото́е Кольцо́ Росси́и)

It is a famous tourist ring route in Central Russia, northeast Moscow, including 8 ancient Russian towns, so called “open air museums”. There you will find kremlins, cathedrals, churches, dated as long ago as XII-XVIII centuries; different museums; places, connected with many pages of ancient Russian history, and picturesque nature.

You might arrange guided tours or “go wild” and explore the towns by yourselves - and in this case you’ll definitely need at least some basic knowledge of Russian.

If you want to improve your Russian for whatever reason,

Feel free to contact me.


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