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Hello! привет!

I am Daria, I'm a 30 year old native Russian language teacher,

based in Glasgow but teaching clients all over the world. 

I grew up in Moscow and lived there for 28 years. 

I have a degree in Economics. I studied Russian language training at Moscow State University 

the best МГУ professors. I’ve also studied the Russian language training with the author of 

the most popular Russian textbook Поехали.

As a learner and speaker of several languages myself (English, French, Italian and Spanish) I believe it is

very important to keep classes engaging and fun, using all kinds of different activities like singing, playing games, watching films and other ways to make learning Russian enjoyable and effective.

Daria will share with you the little-known secrets of language learning that are known only by 1% of native speakers and 40% of Russian teachers.

Flexible approach: only practical things, no useless information to clatter your head, no nonsense. 

Flexible approach: teaching according to your needs and interests at your own pace.

Lots of fun, jokes and talking in Russian!

My partner is a successful acting coach, and public speaking coach - if you're looking for help with confidence and speaking in public, try here. 

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