Russian tongue twisters

Yesterday I started posting idioms, today I would like to continue to diversify the language with the tongue twisters:

Е́хал Гре́ка че́рез ре́ку, Greka (a name) was going across the river Ви́дит Гре́ка - в реке́ рак. Greka sees – there is a crayfish in the river Су́нул Гре́ка ру́ку в ре́ку, Greka put the hand into the river

Рак за ру́ку Греку - цап! The crayfish grabbed Greka’s hand!

Карл у Кла́ры укра́л кора́ллы, Carl stole corals from Clara

А Кла́ра у Ка́рла укра́ла кларнет́. And Clara stole clarinet from Carl

And good like with rolling your Р!

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