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Russian Films Part 1

Watching films in Russian is a great way to introduce yourself to the culture, traditions, to get to know amazing Russian actors, to hear the phrases which might be quoted in daily life, become familiar with cultural references, learn new words and just enjoy the viewing.

My husband Mark watched at least 20 films, some of them he loved and some just hated (you can never forget the mentality differences between British and Russian audience!), I will come back to this topic, posting his own list of favourite Russian movies.

For now I would like to introduce you to the Russian film industry - this pillar of Russian culture by posting a scene from a film Афоня.

This short clip shows a great acting of 2 legendary Soviet actors: Леони́д Куравлёв and Евге́ний Лео́нов. Their characters meet each other for the first time in the bar, get plastered and go to Афоня's house, where he is met by his irritated girlfriend.

You can see the scene on YouTube by clicking the screenshot below.

For Russian lessons (121 or Skype),

Feel free to contact me.


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