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International Relations with Russia

Today’s post will be devoted to international relations. Why some Western people choose Russian wives; and why almost none of them choose Russian husbands?

Disclaimer: this post reflects the Russian point of view which is not always in line with the sensitive Western mindset on important topics.

One of the reasons some people decide to learn Russian - is love (my favourite one, which made my husband Mark learn it).

Me personally, I almost never heard of Russian men being popular among western women (or men). On the contrary, they have a reputation as alcoholics, whose wives escape to hot countries like Greece/Italy/Egypt etc. for a portion of love.

Of course, that is not completely true. Not all Russian men drink vodka, it pretty much depends on the region, status, education of a person.

The problem which does really exist - is that somehow, as it is said in the song, “according to statistics, for 10 young women there are only 9 young men” ("потому́ что на де́сять девчо́нок по стати́стике де́вять ребя́т"). Minus those who are taken already, actual alcoholics, weirdos, sex seekers, gays, and the pool reduces to nothing.

Another problem which has historical roots - is that having any man is considered a success, even if this man disrespects you, cheats or abuses. After the 2nd World War at least 20 million people were killed (4 times population of Scotland), most of them men, so it was a real luck to have a partner, regardless of his ability or social status.

Men were cherished, women would go to work, and then do all the housework, and of course care for the kids too.

You can imagine this caused competition between women. So women needed to be in perfect shape, wear dresses, high heels and make-up, and always tried to be well-groomed.

This worldview is still being transferred from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, the same attitude of cherishing men remains nowadays. The majority of Russian men are spoilt (Western women just wouldn’t tolerate what many Russian women do), so many women deliberately go for men who would treat them better.

Apart from that, there is a stigma around a 30-year-old woman who is still not married (and in the provinces it can be as young as 21), so unfortunately society hastens the necessity to find a man.

Concerning me, I never thought I would have a foreign husband, I believe there are nice Russian men too; but our friends introduced us and we just clicked, making our different mentalities not an obstacle but excitement.

But you know, I am happy to live in Glasgow. I don’t want to live in Russia knowing that Russian women are hunting my husband!

Another question is why some Western men choose Russian women?

It kinda arises from my previous contemplations - Russian women struggle to find a man, so they are easier to get, they appreciate and cherish a man they have (especially one who is not cheating, who is respectful and caring), they try to look good (after having lived all their life in competition).

Russian culture is on the edge between West and East, this means that women are independent, educated, well-travelled and having a rich social life, however the value of marriage and having children still prevails.

I hope I managed to clarify a bit why international relationships with Russians have many chances to work out, however it is just a point of view, based on my experience.

If you are already in love with a Russian and you want to learn their language,

You may always contact me for help.


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