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Discovering Russian Idioms Part 2

Пя́тница (Friday) – is the most loved day in Russia, though I bet it is as loved all over the world, when the majority of people have an official right to relax in the evening.

I wish my 8-month-old daughter А́нна-Катери́на would know it!

So here I’m catching a chance to introduce you to sayings with the word пя́тница in it:

Из-по́д пя́тницы суббо́та: Saturday is seen from under Friday, meaning clothes don’t look neat;

Среда́ – ма́ленькая пя́тница: Wednesday is a small Friday, meaning a worker can breathe out; the weekend is getting close;

(У него́) Семь пя́тниц на неде́ле: (someone has) 7 Fridays in a week, meaning a person changes his mind a lot and you can't rely on him/her.

Enjoy your Friday night!

If you are interested in learning Russian,

Feel free to contact me.


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