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The Best Russian Film To Watch

So what’s the Best Russian Film to watch? - Well, from my husband’s point of view (and Oscar’s Academy) anyway!

Here I’ll start a series of posts, recommending Russian films to watch.

There are so many to choose from. There are a lot of beloved Soviet films, which nowadays might be boring to watch, especially for a Western person. Some films became old-fashioned, and some films are just full of culture references, which a person with different cultural code won’t understand (like, I wouldn’t go nuts because of a TV show based on the Karate Kid which they made this year - just because I don’t carry the history from my childhood with me).

Since my strong belief that learning a language must be pleasurable, engaging and fun, I would like to only recommend the best of the best and understandable for foreigners. My first choice is:

Moscow Doesn’t Believe In Tears

This is a film about a group of provincial girls conquering the capital, It’s about love, and about that it is never too late to start being happy. It’s a great story and it made my husband cry.

Here is how IMDb describe it:

Living together in a workers' dorm, Katerina (Vera Alentova) and her friends are determined to make it in Moscow. But when a boorish cameraman (Juri Wassiliev) forces himself on her, Katerina finds herself pregnant and alone as her friends move on. Twenty years later, she's fought to become a factory director, outpacing her old roommates career-wise, but still alone but for her daughter. When she meets a genial mechanic (Aleksey Batalov), love seems possible again.

The film won an Oscar for the Best Foreign Film in 1981.

There is a legend that Ronald Reagan watched it 6 times before meeting with Gorbachev, in order to get to know more about Russians.

Enjoy the film, and if you want to learn how to watch films in Russian without subtitles,

I am at your disposal.


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