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A Great Russian Poem to Learn

Today I would like to share with you a little poem, used in the cult film Брат 2 (Brother 2).

It is short and the lines are easy to learn - great if you want to have a poem in your back pocket to astonish your Russian friends :) We poem so much because it's both from a beloved film and about our Ро́дина (Motherland) that we are so proud of!

Я узна́л, что у меня́ I got to know that I

Есть огро́мная семья́. Have a huge family

И тропи́нка, и лесо́к. A path, and a forest

В по́ле ка́ждый колосо́к! Every corn ear in a field!

Ре́чка, не́бо голубо́е A river, a blue sky

Э́то всё моё, родно́е! This all is mine!

Э́то Ро́дина моя́! This is my Motherland!

Всех люблю́ на све́те я! I love everything in the world!

Poetic translation:

I discovered that I've got

Relatives, and they're my lot.

They are woods that are so dear

Fields of corn and every ear,

Streams of water, skies of blue.

I shall tell them: "l love you".

It's the Homeland of mine

I shall love it all the time!

If you are interested in learning Russian 121 or by Skype,

Don't hesitate to contact me.


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David Webster
David Webster
Jul 29, 2022

The concept of Ро́дина is a excellent mirror into what it means to be Russian. Shaman captures it most powerfully in his new masterpiece. Thank you for posting this poem by the very perceptive Nicolai Kurilov. A treasure!

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