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7 Reasons to Learn Russian

If you are here, you’re probably already interested in learning Russian, having your own particular reason for it - job, love, planning a trip to Russia or other reasons.

But if you are still doubting, here are my top 7 reasons to win you over:

One. Russian is one of the most spoken languages in the world - it is the 6th in the world by the quantity of speakers, 260,000,000 people in the world speak it. Impressive, eh?

Two. Travel to Russia. It is an amazing country to visit, with so many things to do and to see. And if it might sound far away, it really isn’t (if you are in Europe - flight from London takes just 3 hours). For people from other continents, it is certainly worth to include Russia in the European tour. And don’t forget - Russia is not only Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, on the contrary, true Russia starts in provincial cities and villages - where you will be forced to communicate in Russian.

My favourite way to explore Russia - is to go on organised hikes (usually on horse, by canoe or bicycle). That’s where you can see extraordinary nature, go to authentic Russian ба́ня (banya, a Russian type of sauna), see bear cubs or other animals, get so close to Russian people.

Me hiking in the Ural mountains

Three. Most Russians don’t speak English. Well, some people in touristic places, and also well-educated or well-travelled people do, but that’s a drop in the ocean. Fewer people will switch to English because THEY want to practise. Russians are also very proud of their country, language and culture, and are eager to share with foreigners, so you will have a possibility of full immersion into language, probably with lots of help from native speakers.

Four. You will be able to discover amazing Russian culture in the original language - to read books/poems (То́лстой, Достоéвский, Пу́шкин), to watch films, to fully enjoy theatre, to visit wonderful Russian restaurants for locals (without overpaying for touristic place) and many other things.

Five. You can start a new hobby which will open you a whole new world, new people, events, meetings, travels etc. You will also learn much about your mother tongue!

Six. What comes to your mind when you hear Russia? If it’s mostly the Cold War, Iron Curtain, Putin, sanctions and threat - it is time to get to know real Russia and its people and change your opinion!

Seven. Enjoy (or survive) Russian winter. Of course, the best time to arrive is considered from May to September, when it is warm and sunny, but Russian Winter is brilliant, too; there are so many fun activities, I’m just daydreaming to introduce my 8 month old daughter to them: ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, going down snow slides, see wonderful New Year fairs, play snowballs, even dogsledding in some places, etc.

Me dogsledding near Кострома

If I was convincing enough and you decided to learn Russian - feel free to contact me for 1-2-1 or Skype sessions.


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