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30 essential Russian words and phrases

So, you decided to learn Russian. Do you have a strong reason to learning it? If not, you might want to check out this blog:

Where should you start?

1) Surely the alphabet, although even learning the alphabet would need some system to ease the process (I'll come back to that in a later blog);

2) Cognate words - you will be amazed how many words you actually already know in Russian!

3) Learn the top 30 basic words and phrases, which I post below:

  1. Да - Yes

  2. Нет – No

  3. Меня́ зовут... [miniá zavút] – My name is…

  4. Как вас зову́т? [kak vazᵔzavút] – What is your name?

  5. О́чень прия́тно! [óchin’ priyátna] – Pleased to meet you!

  6. Здра́ствуйте [zdrástvuyte] – Hello

  7. Приве́т [privét] – Hi

  8. До́брое у́тро! [dóbraye útra] – Good morning!

  9. До́брый день! [dóbryi den’] – Good afternoon!

  10. До́брый ве́чер! [dóbryi vécher] – Good evening!

  11. Кто́ это? [któᵔeta] – Who is this?

  12. Что́ это? [shtóᵔeta] – What is this?

  13. Э́то… [éta] - This is…

  14. Где...? [gde] – Where is?

  15. Ско́лько сто́ит? [skól’ka stóit] – How much does it cost?

  16. Спаси́бо [spasíba] – Thank you

  17. Пожа́луйста [pazhálsta] – Please/You are welcome

  18. Извини́те! [izviníte] – Excuse me!

  19. Пока́! [paká] – Bye-bye!

  20. До свида́ния! [daᵔsvidánya] – Goodbye!

  21. Споко́йной но́чи! [spakóyniy nóchi] – Good night!

  22. До за́втра! [daᵔzávtra] – See you tomorrow!

  23. Как дела́? [kagᵔdilá] – How are you?

  24. Хорошо́ [kharashó] – Good/well

  25. Пло́хо [plókha] - Bad

  26. Я не говорю́ по-ру́сски [ya niᵔgavar’ú paᵔrúski] – I don’t speak Russian

  27. Я говорю́ по-англи́йски [ya gavar’ú paᵔanglíski] – I speak English

  28. Вы говори́те по-англи́йски? [vi gavaríte paᵔanglíski]– Do you speak English?

  29. Я не понима́ю [ya ni panimáyu] – I don’t understand

  30. Я не зна́ю [ya ni znáyu] – I don’t know

If you want to carry on learning Russian,

You may contact me for 121 or Skype classes.


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