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10 Reasons You Should Try Private Russian Language Tuition

ONE: Rapid Learning

Private Russian lessons will make learning a lot faster. You would be astounded by how much Russian you can learn in just one hour with a Russian tutor. Within just a few sessions, you’ll be shocking your friends with your Russian language skills. Plus, you don’t have to wait for some other slow learner in your class before you can learn something new

TWO: Take Control

You can set your own learning goals for speaking Russian with your Russian teacher. You can even set a time frame in which you need or would like to have improved your Russian. Whether you want to learn to read Tolstoy in his own language, chat with new Russian friends, enjoy Russian films without subtitles, and visit Russia on holiday with confidence eating in local restaurants.

THREE: Specific Needs

Your Russian language training might need to suit very particular needs. You may wish to work in Russia, so your private language tuition is tailored towards this. You may wish to study at a university in Russia, and your 1-2-1 Russian lessons can serve that purpose. You can’t do that in your Russian language class.

FOUR: Speed

In a Russian language class, the group dictates the speed of learning. But in all reality, it means you usually move at the speed of the slowest learners and that can be painful. But where you will benefit is when you find things difficult, a private Russian teacher can spend as long as you need on a single topic until you master it.

FIVE: One on One Attention

It probably goes without saying that in a class the attention of the Russian teacher is spread amongst 10, 20, 30 students. Once you have a private language teacher, you get 100% of their attention, and that massively improves learning.

SIX: More Relaxed

You might be a bit nervous about learning again. After all, it might be a long time since you were at school. If you don’t like the idea of stumbling around with a class watching, a private Russian class will help you to get comfortable with the topic your learning without getting uncomfortable by all the faces watching at the same time.

SEVEN: Pay as you Play

Pay for the classes you want, pay when you attend, unlike a big group Russian class where you pay upfront. If you get sick and cancel your class, you will miss nothing and lose nothing financially.

EIGHT: Flexibility

We all have a busy life, my diary is never the same week in and week out because I like to give my Russian language students lots of flexibility. So I would need to change my class times every week for my own private French lessons. You can’t do that with a group class.

NINE: Questions

If you don’t get something in a group class, they will try to help you, but they won’t spend long. They can’t. In a private Russian lesson, you can spend the whole hour on it if you want. Your curiosity is the only limitation. Pimsleur is a good way to learn Russian by yourself, as is Rosetta Stone, or Memrise. The problem is you can’t ask any questions when you don’t understand something.

TEN: Value for Money

Private lessons aren’t actually as expensive as you think. Mine are just £15/£20. You get a lot more out of that hour too than you would in a group class hour, it’s tremendous value for money based on the depth and degree of learning you’ll get for your investment.

To make an enquiry about private Russian language lessons with me, contact me through this website and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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